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Welcome to MacDonald Ranches!

MacDonald Ranches is a Salers and Optimizer composite seedstock provider owned and operated by Bill and Linda MacDonald along with their son, Will, and his wife, Jerilyn.  The ranch headquarters is located about 10 miles southeast of Bismarck, North Dakota on the bluffs overlooking the north banks of the Missouri River along scenic State Highway 1804, so-named for the year Lewis and Clark traveled up the Missouri on their historic voyage. Our family has been in the beef cattle seedstock business since 1939 and has made a living on the same ranch since Billís grandfather homesteaded here in the 1870ís.  Read the whole story...

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Please note that the homozygous black DNA information is incomplete in the sale catalog because we did not have the full results by presstime. You can view full DNA results on the Final Gain, Scrotal and DNA results sheet button below.

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The Performance Power 2019 Preview Video is live and ready for viewing. Click the image to the right to view the preview video of the sale cattle on YouTube. Note: If you set the video quality settings on your YouTube player window to 1080p, you can see the cattle in HD!

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